It is important for Aruba to have correct and current data of its population and that is thanks to the 2020 Census

August 18, 2020

The Central Bureau of Statistics has taken the big step of entering the digital world with the 2020 Census. And starting October 1st until October 10th, the local community will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire through an online system.

You will only need to have your parcel number from WEB Aruba N.V. to gain access to the Census for your household.

Desiree Helder, who is the Deputy Director of the Central Bureau of Statistics, explains that a Census is necessary, seeing that Aruba needs a complete count.

The organizers from their side have directed all their efforts to make the 2020 Census an easier process, even with all the current complications, to still manage to collect new, valid, current, and timely data from Aruba. And that is the essence of the 2020 Census.

Only when contributing with the 2020 Census, we will exactly know what is going on with Aruba, and in this manner plan, e.g. contribute with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Aruba.

This can only be achieved if you have valid data, current and reliable. Only these can be applied to work on a sustainable future, not just for you as a person, but for the country in general.

It is not the case that the 2020 Census questionnaire is easy, consequently we will introduce several videos and informative images to inform the local community of the importance of a Census, and how they can cooperate and prepare to complete the questionnaire.

The organizers are preparing an informative TV program to give all the necessary information so that everyone knows that the Census in near, and what they will need to prepare for the questionnaire.

The current economic situation of the Government does not permit the Central Bureau of Statistics to have a public campaign to promote the 2020 Census. We are hopeful to have the support of the press to keep the community informed.

Those who are not able to complete their 2020 Census through the online system, can expect to be visited by an enumerator from November 1st until November 10th.

This time, for a period of 2 months they will be busy with the collection of the 2020 Census information.


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