Minster Xiomara Maduro encourages everyone to complete the 2020 Census online

August 28, 2020

The Census is held every 10 years, which is a general population and housing count, where everyone that lives in Aruba at a specific moment in time is counted.

This is according to the principles and recommendations of the United Nations, and even though we are going a trough a difficult time because of the pandemic, Corona virus, the Census is important to gather data of the situation our country is currently going through.

Considering the current situation, the 2020 Census will take place in a different manner than was normally the case for the past Censuses. For 2020, the Census for Aruba will have two parts:

Online Count

This will take place from October 1st until October 10, 2020, where the Aruban community will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire online. This means that every address in Aruba will be able to fill in the 2020 Census questionnaire online, on their own.

Using their parcel number from WEB Aruba NV. every household will have access to the Census’ questionnaire by visiting the 2020 Census website.

In the case that there are households that do not have a parcel number from WEB, they could call the Central Bureau of Statistics Aruba (CBS) to get an individual code.

Everyone that needs assistance to fill in the online questionnaire could contact the CBS staff, who will be available through chat or phone for support. Soon there will also be a Census Helpdesk, that will offer information, support and guidance to the Aruban community to complete the online questionnaire.

For the local community to be well informed, CBS has been presenting different informative videos of the 2020 Census on social media, where they explain the topics that will be treated during the questionnaire and the questions conducted.

Additionally, there is a check list available for the households that indicates all information that needs to be gathered in advance in order to be prepared when filling in the questionnaire and this way making it an easier and faster process.

The house by house count

This will take place from November the 1st until November the 26th 2020. The households that do not use the opportunity to complete the 2020 Census questionnaire online will be visited by one of the 2020 Census enumerators at their home, where they will be interviewed in person.

In order to comply with the rules and regulations of the Department of Public Health (DVG) in the current situation, the enumerators will need to comply with the sanitary rules, with the use of mouth masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing when visiting.

The Central Bureau of Statistics Aruba (CBS) with the support of Setar NV will offer tablets to each enumerator to execute the count from house to house. Minister Xiomara Maduro invites and encourages the local community to complete the questionnaire online and the persons that do not have digital access to cooperate with the 2020 Census when they are visited by an enumerator.

From this moment the Minister wishes the CBS staff, the 2020 Census team, each enumerator, and the local community success with the 2020 Census and appreciates the acceptance of the challenge of executing a population and housing count during a pandemic.

By contributing to the 2020 Census, everyone living in Aruba will have an opportunity to contribute to their own well-being, to the well-being of their families and to the well-being of our entire community. Contribute to the 2020 Census, because Aruba counts on you.


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