The 2020 Census has rented local computer servers to keep the data in Aruba

August 19, 2020

From October 1st until October 10, the local community can start participating in the 2020 Census and will not have to wait for the enumerators to visit their home. By using your computer, you can go on their website and complete the questionnaire.

There is a strong plea for the participants to fill in the questionnaire in a fair and correct manner. The Census is expecting you to give truthful responses.

According to Desiree Helder, the Deputy Director of the Central Bureau of Statistics, the questions should obtain responses which are reliable and correct for the Census to be used for the next 10 years.

Therefore, it is emphasized that it is important that you contribute with the Census with the truth. Keep in mind that those who collect the data will never know who you are, since this is not the goal of the Census.

Also, keep in mind that the 2020 Census organizers are held accountable by privacy and secrecy laws. Therefore, if any information of a citizen or a company is leaked, the staff could get a fine or even time in prison. This also includes the enumerators.

Additionally, Helder explained that they have taken extra measures to ensure that the 2020 Census’ information stays locally in Aruba! All the data information will be stored on servers installed in Aruba.

Therefore, none of the 2020 Census data will be stored on servers abroad (Neither in the US nor in Europe).

“We have made all our efforts for the digital data to be well kept also” Helder indicated.

This is to avoid that the data could fall into the hands of other countries, and that access is gained to all the information of Aruba by a foreign government, through any case in a court of law.

According to Helder, the Central Bureau of Statistics has rented the servers in Aruba with all the necessary requirements to keep the data safe, and therefore to guarantee privacy to the local community. Only the persons in charge of analyzing the data will have access to the servers, and no one else.


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