The 2020 Census will be well equipped with Tablets provided by Setar N.V.

September 9, 2020

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is incredibly happy with the wonderful gesture from Setar N.V. which has provided tablets to the CBS for the 2020 Census. These tablets will be put to good use during the complete counting process of the 2020 Census, which will start upcoming October 1st.

The 2020 Census will consist of 2 parts:

1-10 of October 2020: Online Count

During the Online Count period, the Setar N.V.’s tablets will be used to monitor the progress of the count and to support and guide the households in Aruba, so that they can fill in the 2020 Census questionnaire online. The online count offers the Aruban community the opportunity to complete the 2020 Census on their own and on a moment that they find more suitable for them.

Households that do not have a parcel number from WEB can call the CBS to receive an individual code to gain access to the questionnaire. The CBS staff will be available trough WhatsApp or phone at 527-4444 and also through email ( to assist those who are completing the online questionnaire.

1-26 of November 2020: The count of households that have not participated in the Online Count

During this period, the tablets will be used by the enumerators who will be visiting all the households that have not completed the online questionnaire.

CBS wishes to use this opportunity to encourage all households in Aruba to fill in the online Census questionnaire. Currently, Aruba is going through a difficult time, which makes it a particularly important moment to collect data of the real situation of the households in Aruba. CBS wants to ask for the collaboration of each household to cooperate with the 2020 Census.

Once again, the CBS wishes to thank Setar N.V. for their cooperation with the 2020 Census.


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