The local community will have access to videos and a checklist before they participate in the 2020 Census online

August 19, 2020

When some people thought that the 2020 Census will not be held this year, the organizers announced this week that it will still take place but in two phases.

In the first phase, everyone will get the opportunity to complete the questionnaire online. For the ones that are not able to do this, they will be visited in the second phase by an enumerator.

During a press conference held on Monday afternoon, Damara Rasmijn from the Central Bureau of Statistics who is in charge with the 2020 Census publicity, explained that last year during the Census Pilot, they received numerous reactions from the houses that were visited, and from the enumerators. This revealed many concerns that the citizens and the enumerators had during the pilot.

A session was held to receive the enumerators’ feedback to be informed of the concerns they had while visiting the houses. According to Rasmijn, the feedback received has been considered for the 2020 Census.

One of the main concerns was ‘that there was not enough information’. They have been working hard on this, according to Rasmijn. This was emphasized by the local community as well as the topics.

The organizers of the 2020 Census have been working on several videos in which the topics from the questionnaire will be further explained. Now it is possible to check out the videos when filling in the questionnaire in case help is needed.

“The idea behind this, is to give the public enough information that they could complete this without any problems,” indicated Damara Rasmijn.

Additionally the organizers are working on a “Checklist” for the local community to know in advance what information they will need to have ahead of time, before they start with the questionnaire online, or in November when you are visited by an enumerator.

The Checklist will help you to go through the questionnaire more easily.

All Addresses

Everyone who was not able to complete the Online questionnaire, will need to wait until November 1st, when the enumerators are visiting the households of those who did not complete the questionnaire online.

They will be visiting all the addresses that are in the address database, and that have a parcel number from WEB Aruba N.V. This is assuming that all the houses in Aruba are connected to a water meter from the water company.

If there are still persons in Aruba that do not have a parcel number and still wish to participate, they can call the Central Bureau of Statistics to be included.


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