The unemployed can try to become an enumerator for the 2020 Census

August 18, 2020

Aruba is ready for the 2020 Census and this time it will be an Online process from October 1st until October 10th, and later from November 1st until November 10th the enumerators will be visiting from house-to-house.

The 2020 Census organizers, which is the staff of the Central Bureau of Statistics, is working extremely hard on this entire process.

One of these staff members is, Yarelyn Figaroa-Kelly, who oversees the 2020 Census’ personnel. She explained that the enumerators will start from November 1st until November 10th with the visits. They were planning on hiring about 1200 enumerators to do these house visits covering the whole island.

Seeing now that the questionnaire will be available online, the number of enumerators needed has decreased. However, if the online questionnaire is not completed by everyone then the organizers have calculated that they will still need about 500 enumerators to make the house-by-house visits.

Yarelyn Figaroa-Kelly is making a plea for all of those who are interested in working as an enumerator to register. In the past, schoolteachers were used as enumerator, however, this might be difficult this time seeing that the count has been moved to November.

Still, a plea goes to all civil servants how wish to make themselves available as an enumerator which they can do if it is permitted by their department. Retirees and the currently unemployed can also register.

There are some requirements necessary to register as an enumerator. You should be 18 or older, you should be an Aruban citizen, you should have a valid driver’s license and your own form of transport.

You should be able to speak and read Papiamento, English, Dutch, and Spanish. You should have minimal a high school degree, and you should follow a training to become an enumerator. The training will be online, seeing that trainings in big groups are not possible anymore. Direct your questions to:

It is demanded that you follow the complete training to become an enumerator. You should be available during the day, night, and weekends. A plea goes to the public to continue registering because we have not reached the desired number of enumerators yet.


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